What’s The Master Bedroom Suite Really All About?

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The Master Suite

The master bedroom is generally the most spacious bedroom in the house, but adding the word “suite” to it adds a whole new meaning.  It implies that the bedroom space is more of a retreat than just a bedroom. 

Key Features…

What are the key features that make a master bedroom a “suite”? I’m so glad you asked! Usually, they include more than just the essential amenities. Of course, it is entirely up to you to determine what they are. Every family is different and has different needs. A family with small children would design a master suite entirely different than a family with grown kids. However your needs may differ, there are a few standard amenities that will turn your master bedroom into a suite.

1. Walk-In Closet

The first critical component of a master suite is the walk-in or walk-through closet with built-in cabinets or built-in storage units. While closets are a must-have for master bedroom design, the walk-in closet is a very practical addition to any home and an essential division when it comes to organization and giving all of your “treasures” a place.


2. Floor to Ceiling Windows

Large floor-to-ceiling windows for natural light will also give your room a more substantial feel to it. This is especially a must if you have a beautiful view outside. You have to take advantage of the view as much as possible! It can be so calming and relaxing to sit and let the stress of the day fade away.


3. The Laundry Room

Another luxurious addition is a laundry area in the master bedroom suite or adjoined to the suite. How convenient not to have to carry loads of laundry up and down stairs!!


4. Fireplace

Although a fireplace is not a “standard” amenity to making your master bedroom a suite, it is a luxury I can not leave off the list. If adding a fireplace is something you can do, it will make your master suite feel warm and cozy and will be a beautiful focal point of the room.


5. The Master Bathroom

Moving on to the master bathroom! This is a room in the master suite that I can spend a great deal of time talking about. The master bathroom is a retreat in and of itself and should be created as such. So much of this room depends on your taste and style. A few must haves are:

  • Large walk-in shower (single or double head)
  • Deep soaking tub or jetted tub
  • His and her sinks

You can give this master bathroom an earthy feel with stone tile flooring and stacked stone accent walls — heated stone tile floors add extra warmth.

6. Private Outdoor Access

Complete this master suite with access to the outdoors. It can be a patio or a private access to the rear of the house, allowing you to come and go as you please.




If you have any questions or would like to discuss updating your master bedroom into a Master Suite, contact us today!

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