Digging Deeper: Update Your Home with Lighting

Lighting is one of those things that is relatively inexpensive to update. It can give your home a fresh new look without breaking the bank. In  2018, LED light and light fixtures were very popular. LED is so efficient and has a longer lifespan than any other bulb. For a more rustic look, the exposed bulbs are also very popular. They can give you a traditional feel with more of a modern look. Talk about a win-win! The options are endless, but your future will be bright!


Add a Little Class

Which room would you like to spruce up? You can add a little class to any room with an eye-catching chandelier. They don’t have to break the bank either.


The Bathroom

Does your bathroom have overhead lights? Wall-mounted lights can add warmth and value to your bathroom without the cost of a full bathroom remodel. Remember to add light around your mirror that won’t create unwanted shadows.

The Kitchen

Having proper lighting in your kitchen is imperative. It’s not only the workspace for every meal prep, but it’s also space for kids to do their homework. Light is key! Kitchens can be divided into three categories:

  • General Lighting – overall illumination
  • Task Lighting – detailed tasks
  • Accent Lighting – mood illumination

Lighting can change the mood of any room. Lighting can make a room look larger or smaller. It can magnify color and improve functionality.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss updating your home with lighting, contact us today!

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