Digging Deeper: The Home for Aging Adults

Many older adults still live in the same house where they raised their children and have created countless memories. Would you want to move away from that? With a few accommodations, older adults can continue to live in the same place and keep making memories.



Certain changes will make their home safer to live in, and while it may not be possible for an older adult to live independently forever, it will be possible for them to remain in their own home longer. This can help to save a substantial amount of money on senior living or assisted living centers.  These changes to the house will also accommodate those with handicaps or who use wheelchairs to get around. 

A Clear Path of Entry

Wider Doorways

Wheelchair Ramp

Higher Ceilings & Columns

Adding columns throughout the house will give your home a warmer feel to rooms that might feel otherwise cold due to their openness. Ceilings can be raised to 12 feet, providing a more expansive feel. These accommodations will also make it easier for the homeowner or those who use a wheelchair to move through the house more freely.


The Bathroom

Install Grab Bars

Wheelchair Accessible Sink

Plenty of Space

The Kitchen

Lower Kitchen Sink

Dishwasher Accessible from Either Side

Accessible Cupboards

If you have any questions or would like to discuss updating your home for aging adults, contact us today!

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