What Is One Of The New Inspiring Kitchen Top Ideas?

Kitchen Top Ideas

Quartz Kitchen Countertop 

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Granite and marble have been the prevailing high-end countertop of choice for a long time, but other kitchen top ideas are increasing in popularity. If you’ve browsed any new kitchen or bathroom recently, you may have already noticed that quartz is passing by its long time predecessors.

Q Premium Natural Quartz from MSI has played a key role in this new trend. Q Quartz has an edge on modern elegance with the perfect mix of natural and manufactured materials for superior style.

Kitchen Top Ideas: Style With Lots Of Color

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Q Premium Natural Quartz has many breathtaking collections with inspirational colors and style to complement any decorative scheme. No wonder it’s a designer favorite for high-end countertops.

Concrete Looks

Concrete countertops have always generated a buzz. Q offers a Cool gray to striking black, with a smooth velvety texture that can be seen and felt. They’re instant conversation starters.  

White Marble Looks

Q Premium Natural Quartz shows the look of white marble in an effortless style, that brings a touch of timeless glamour. 

Dreams of White

These designer-inspired countertops are both timeless and trend-setting. From solids to those with luxurious 

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veining, they harmonize with any décor for ultimate design and flexibility. With over two dozen magnificent whites to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

Why Q Premium Natural Quartz?

There are so many fantastic designs and styles that are both affordable and luxurious. You can now have a style and look of white marble, with the effortless durability of quartz. This scratch resistant, very cleanable, non-porous surface is the prefect top of any household.

You don’t have to follow the same path as everyone else, when it comes to kitchen top ideas. You can do something that is original, elegant and timeless. Let Taft Built spark your imagination and be your guide. 



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What Are The Best New Ideas For Master Bathroom Remodeling?

Taft Built’s Cabinetry Designer Jeff Topolinski, of Hines Supply in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, worked his creative magic to design a beautifully styled master bath retreat using cabinetry from the new Dura Supreme Bath Furniture Collection.

Furniture Vanity Designs

Jeff explained, “The homeowners loved the furniture styling, but wanted his and hers sinks, instead of the single bowl sink that was originally in the space.” The challenge according to Jeff was, “incorporating two vanity cabinets with furniture styling details into a cohesive design allowing each cabinet to stand alone, yet be connected.”

Selecting matching furniture vanity units with turned legs and open storage below and installing them in an L-shaped configuration was the brilliant design solution.

Design A Bath With Storage 

Do you happen to be one of those people that leaves clutter on your bathroom counter top?  Do You like to have easy access items that you use every day in your bathroom.  Possibly look into furniture designs that have open Storage options. Some furniture style bathroom vanities have to open cabinets or floor Vanity shelves.  The open floor vanity shelf is a very practical place to store spare towels and other items that you use everyday in your bathroom.  It also works very well in a guest bathroom.

Draws With Function and Storage

We all have our daily routine in the bathroom.  It’s important when we’re designing the cabinetry for bathrooms that we can consider all of the miscellaneous items we use every day.   There is a wide variety of products that  are used in our bathrooms.  From one’s make up collection and hair products to the health and wellness items we use.  Drawers can be personalized in a vanity with divided trays, drawer rack systems and drawer partitions.  A plumbing drawer is a great option to maximize storage under the sink.   Toe Space Drawers are also a great option to increase the storage of items you don’t use everyday.   

The Furniture Vanity Collection from Dura Supreme offers many design directions and has all the options to maximize the function of you new bathroom.  When designing the cabinetry for your new master  bath it is important to incorporate some of the best new Ideas to maximize your storage and maintain style.   In today’s busy lifestyle we deserve to have a place to go that makes us feel like you are in your  own private retreat.  Taft Built incorporates all of these options into your new bath room design that is inspired by today’s modern spas with the luxury you deserve.  

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